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Conditional object property application

Add a property to an object if it exists

I often forget the exact syntax to conditionally add a property to an object during initialisation. In the end it is quite straight forward. Let's imagine I only want to apply a cover_video to an imaginary post object if it actually exists. That would look like this:

const post = {
    title: "Wow what a nice post",
    text: "It's such a nice post. And so full of valuable information. I wonder if I can subscribe to this blog?",
    ...(cover_video ? {cover_video} : {})
▶️ Try it out in the Replit below

JavaScript simply evaluates the part in between ( and ) as an expression and the result of the expression will be spread into the post object. The expression only resolves to {cover_video: cover_video}(here shortened as {cover_video} because key and value are both cover_video) or to and empty object {}. If you spread and empty object into another object it won't show up inside the target object. So it's perfect if you'd like to omit a property conditionally.