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What the heck is dependency injection?

Decouple your code with dependency injection

Since the verge of AngularJS "Dependency Injection" always used to be a scary term to me. I had no clue what it actually meant and dismissed it as some kind of black magic executed by the framework, which I don't need to care about. Today I found out that "Dependency Injection" is actually quite a transparent principle that helps decoupling your code.

So what does it mean?

Dependency Injection can be used to decouple a dependency from its consumer. Let's say your have a function or class, and you need to access some service inside of there. You could directly use (import) this service which would work fine. But if you want to have the option to replace this service flexibly you're out of luck. With dependency injection you simply pass the service into your function as a parameter and use it from there. This way you can exchange the dependency (here it's the service) as you wish.

Dependency Injection in TypeScript

In this example you can see that "injecting" the service function from the outside into the useTheService function allows you to pass in service1 or service2 flexibly.