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How to replace object key/value pair with .map

Replace a key and value pair in a javascript object with .map

The .map() method is a super valuable tool to transform arrays in JavaScript. Sometimes I wish the same would exist for objects as well. During a code review today I stumbled over this practical piece that applies .map() to an object.

.map() over an object

In this example we're turning the timestampSeconds on the clientEvent into a timestamp with milliseconds by altering the key and value of this object property.

const clientEvent = Object.fromEntries(
    Object.entries(serverEvent).map(([key, value]) =>
      key === "timestampSeconds"
        ? ["timestampMillis", secondsToMilliseconds(value)]
        : [key, value]
▶️ Check out the Replit for the whole code example and run it to see it in action

The idea behind it is.

  1. Turn an object into an array with Object.entries(). The object is now an array of arrays with key/value pairs (a couple). It looks like this: [[key,value],[key,value],[key,value],[key,value]]
  2. As your object is now an array, you can map over it and return the altered couples.
  3. Once all couples have been altered you can reconstruct the object with Object.fromEntries()